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How to Learn to Play the Guitar

With the increasing popularity of rock music during the last few decades, playing the guitar has become very appealing for many people. While there are many teenagers out there who dream of becoming rock superstars, there are also many people that want to learn how to play the guitar just for the sake of it. However, many of them don’t find the best way to learn guitar and after a few unsuccessful attempts, they finally give up.

First things first, there is no easy way to the learn guitar but some do prove better than others. I will now take you though what I think is the best way to learn to play guitar. Some may disagree but there is only one way to find out and that is to try it for your self.

Below are some tips and tricks that will give you good head start but by far the best way to learn to play guitar is to always practice and never give up.


Always make sure your equipment is in good order and you guitar is tuned properly there is no point in trying to play guitar when you do every thing right and it still sounds wrong. Also try and find a space that is quite and free from distraction and noise if you do not concentrate it will make it a lot harder then it should be.

Know your guitar

Try to learn everything you can about your guitar. Find out what every thing is called and be able to find it quickly. One of the best ways to learn to play guitar is to know your guitar. Guitars are not all the same and each one sounds different, you will find this out as your experience grows and hopefully your enjoyment and appreciation of them does too.

Know your skill level

Be careful you don’t start too high you do not want to frustrate your self on the first day. Pick something easy to begin with, a lot of music books start you off with some simple strumming patterns and old songs. The best way to learn to play guitar is to start small and work your way up until you feel confident to progress to something harder and more entertaining.

Stick with what you know

By now I would hope you have the basics sorted out and are ready to move on to something harder. Try to find and artist you like and are familiar with and try and replicate parts of there songs. Sheet music for most bands are wildly available and I think is the most rewarding and the best way to learn to play guitar, because you are making a song you know and like.

Gain confidence

When you feel like your ready to progress try to focus all you time on one song and when you have it burnt it your memory organize a small group of friend or family to listen to you play. The best way to learn to play guitar is to have confidence in your self because the guitar is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. It is not much fun sitting in a dark room playing to your self.

Be positive

I really cannot stress enough on how important this is. I’ve seen many people give up in the starting stages since they keep repeating to themselves, “I cannot do this”, “This is not my cup of tea”, “This is too difficult” and so on. You have to be positive and know that you can do it. I promise you that if you follow this one tip, your journey would indeed be a lot LOT easier.

Also, different people have different learning needs. In addition, we also have different resources, different jobs, different errands to run and different schedules. If you’re not at the level you want, maybe it’s because you haven’t found the best way to learn guitar yet. There are several ways to learn how to play the guitar. Listed below are only a few of them.

Theory Books

There are thousands of theory books on the market that teach you how to play the guitar. Some of them are even very good and can provide you with all the information you need. Books are an inexpensive and comfortable strategy to learn how to play the guitar. Unfortunately, experience shows that for many of us they just don’t work. However, if you are a very patient person, a theory book might be the best way to learn guitar.

Video Lessons

Video guitar lessons are available on DVDs and video tapes in almost any music store, as well as on virtual shops. In addition, there are also some video lessons available online. Some of them are even free. Video lessons are more dynamic and have a better chance of keeping you focused. They have the advantage of allowing you to practice at home whenever you find the time to do it. However, the inconvenience is that you can’t benefit from the personalized attention and useful feedback a teacher could provide.

Private Lessons

If you are willing to dedicate a lot of time as well as some money to this, private lessons are definitely the best way to learn guitar. A good teacher can design a customized teaching program to suit your learning style and provide you with individualized attention and positive feedback to get you motivated. In addition, he/she can also spot and correct your mistakes very fast.

Learning by Ear

Learning the guitar by ear can be very fun, especially if you have some sort of musical bone in your body, and that bone is humming with lots of vibration, you might find that this is the best way to learn guitar for you. With the modern slowing down technology, it is much easier now than it used to be for our parents’ generation.

You should always keep in mind that playing the guitar should be fun. If you find it difficult or stressing, your learning strategy might have a lot to do with it. Sometimes you need to try several learning methods before finding the one that works best for you. However, if you really want to play the guitar like a pro and have enough time and money, taking up private lessons is probably the best way to go. Also, following the guitar lessons on this website can also give you a good headstart.

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Learn to Play Guitar Fast

Hey there! I think this article will perfectly compliment the two lessons on Learning the Guitar overnight. (If you haven’t already read the lessons, click here). If you’re an amateur in this field, I’m sure you always wanted to be able to learn to play this instrument fast & easily. However, many people have misconceptions of being able to play the guitar fast. Therefore, these article aims to clear some of these misconceptions so that you get a general idea of how a guitar should be used.
Misconceptions about Playing the Guitar Fast

Despite this increasing trend about playing fast, speed is not relevant by itself. However, used in the context of a good music and with taste, speed really is a good thing.

Another misconception about speed is that in order to learn to play guitar fast you have to practice Fast. It is indeed true that at some point you will need to practice Fast. However, the first step is to develop some techniques before you can work on playing fast. There’s no way to learn these techniques other than slowly.

How to Learn to Play Guitar fast?

The key to playing fast is being able to think before you play. Aaron Shearer, a famous guitar teacher, promoted the “aim directed movement”, meaning that you have to know exactly where your fingers should go before you move them there. You can only achieve this by slow practice.

You should develop your finger strength as well, and practice not only flexing the finger, but extending it as well. Since we were born we have used our hands to grab things and hold them, developing our flexors. You need to develop your extensors as well in order to learn to play guitar fast. A good way to do this is by practicing Rasgueados.

You can build body energy to hold out during the fast playing periods by practicing speed bursts. On a speed burst you have to take a small piece of a scale and play it forwards and backwards using the eighth note as the rhythmic value for every note. Play the same part of the scale backwards and forwards without stopping, using the sixteenth note instead. Thus you can isolate the problems in playing a scale, such as string crossings or shifts.

How to Use Speed the Right Way?

Scott Tennant makes a good statement about speed in his book, Pumping Nylon. He states that when you look at a good piece of music, you notice that the Fast-playing parts only last for a couple of measures. While knowing your scales and being able to play them quickly is a good thing, it’s not necessary to use this speed for long periods of time.

There are several articles available online to help you learn to play guitar fast. However, don’t expect it to be easy. There will actually be a lot of work involved. You should begin by learning about several strategies of developing your finger strength, speed bursts and Rasgueados.

Following are some tips that may help you though:


When learning to play the guitar it is important to learn the basics first. There is an easy way to learn guitar basics that is to research as much as you can online (read the lessons on this site) and in guitar instruction books, then attempt it yourself. Once you have learnt the basic guitar skills you will find that more advanced riffs and chords will come easily to you.

Practice makes perfect

An easy way to learn guitar is to practice and perfect something and then move on to the next thing. Practice definitely makes perfect! When you practice you will move through chords with easy and be able to make a smooth transition from basic chords to more advanced riffs.

Selecting an instrument

When you first find an easy way to learn guitar it is important to select the right guitar. Selecting a guitar is a delicate and lengthy process and should be done with an experienced guitar sales person. It is always a good idea to hold the instrument and play a piece of music on it. This will help you get a feeling for how the instrument will feel when you start an easy way to learn guitar.


Movement is how your body relates to your instrument. An easy way to learn guitar is to treat your instrument like another body part. Move fluidly with your instrument and make all movements clear and precise and not sharp or short.

Making the most out of a lesson

Making the most out of your lesson is important and will make it an easy way to learn guitar. Try videotaping your session so you can watch and rewind anything you may wish to touch on later. Writing notes in a book is another way to make the most out of your lesson. The book can be opened at anytime and you can refer back to previous notes.

Finding an easy way to learn guitar is possible and can be very rewarding. Make the most out of your lessons, whether they be online or with a teacher. Take notes and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need until you get the answer that helps you understand the problem. The need for discipline and a good memory is essential to learn to play guitar easy. Following are some more tips, regarding this.

Condensed lessons

The best way to learn to play guitar easy is to condense smaller sessions into 2 or 3 larger sessions. It is possible to learn guitar in a few days if you are willing to put aside the time. One 8 hour lesson is better then 8 individual 1 hour sessions. During this session you will retain more information and move to more advance riffs and chords easier.

Finding a great teacher

If you want learn to play guitar easy, it is important to have a great teacher. The essence of a great teacher lies in their eye for detail and easy teaching method. A good teacher will constantly correct your mistakes and give you hints and tips on how to improve your skills.


When you learn to play guitar easy it is essential to have a high level of discipline. To learn to play guitar easy you will need to compact years of lessons in to only a few days. This can be done, however you need to be in the right frame of mind and want to learn.

Rest and relaxation

To get the most out of lessons when you learn to play guitar easy, it is important to be well rested and relaxed. Learning to play guitar easy is not necessarily a highly physical sport, however it is mentally challenging. The brain is a muscle and should be treated like any other muscle in the body. Relaxation and rest will ensure your brain functions to the highest standards so you will retain large amounts of information.

Motivation and passion

To learn to play guitar easy you will need to draw motivation from your passion for music and guitars. This will be your driving force when you reach the point when you feel you can go no further. Trust me you will reach a stage where you are mentally and physically exhausted and will feel like throwing in the towel. As long as you understand it is not and easy thing to learn to play guitar easy and have a love and passion for music, you will get through even the toughest moments.

Maintaining your discipline and using your passion for music will be your driving force when you learn to play guitar easy. Don’t give up!

I really hope this article helps you. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment – Don’t be shy! ;)

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History of the Guitar

The guitar has been one of the most popular musical instruments today. Most of the kinds of music that one hears from the radio use guitars in many ways. Pop, rock, reggae, blues, ballads and everything else is influenced by the guitar.

The guitar, together with the drums and the piano compose the modern music scene equipment set. The playability of the guitar has made it one popular instrument. A guitar can be played by a learning child or an experienced guitar player. It’s not picky with its players.

Today, the electric type of guitar is mostly used in musical production. The guitar has gotten a very good accompaniment in the form of the effects box. Today, guitars can emulate the sounds of a piano, a violin, even the sounds of the human voice. The guitar is continuously widening its horizons.

With the functions and features of the modern electric guitar, one can’t help thinking about the beginnings of the instrument. Where did the guitar come from? This article tries to give a brief history of the wonderful musical instrument, which is the guitar.

The creation of the guitar cannot be traced to a single person. The guitar came about through the evolution of its predecessors. Its image has also undergone change throughout the centuries. Today, playing the guitar is a symbol of talent and musical prowess, but during the early times, the guitar was actually a symbol of being poor and it was refuted by most classical musicians.


There have been many guitar-like musical instruments in the ancient times, up to at least 5,000 years ago. Instruments which look like the guitar were seen in statues which were recovered in archaeological expeditions in the Iranian region of Susa. However, the very first documented mention of the instrument dates back to the fourteenth century. Back then, the said guitar-ancestor had three pairs of strings (usually referred to as double courses) and a single string with the highest tone.

Some say that the word “guitar” came from the word “qitara.” Qitara is an Arabic name for the different kinds of lutes during the early times.


The guitar, as we know it, is said to originate in Spain. It is believed that the people of Malaga invented the instrument. The guitar evolved from having three pairs of strings to four pairs of strings and eventually six single strings.

The guitar began to become popular in the 16th century. It was played by the lower and middle classes as a counterpart for the vihuela which was played by the aristocrats. The vihuela was tuned like a lute but had a body similar to that of the guitar.

The guitar took serious evolution during the 18th century: the double strings where replaced by single strings and a sixth string was added. In the 1800s, Antonio Torres de Jurado gave birth to the classical guitar. Basically, he increased the size of the body of the guitar. The guitar still struggled during these times because it was considered as an instrument for the taverns – an instrument which cannot be used for classical music. In Spain, where people hated the piano, the guitar found refuge. However, it was also tainted with views that guitars are for undesirables.

Electric Guitar

The modern electric guitar was born in 1931. The electric guitar uses electronic “pick-ups” to be able to produce sound. The pick-ups convert the vibrations from the strings into electric signals. The body of the electric guitar is semi-solid or solid, depending on the design. The structure of the guitar took a great leap when the electric guitar was born, no longer did its sound depend on the structure and construction of the body, but on the quality of the pick-ups and soundboard.

The sounds of the electric guitar can also be altered to be able to achieve a desire tone. The use of guitar effects box has given the guitar a wide array of sounds. The electric guitar is continuously garnering popularity in all fields of music, even in classical music.

The guitar is a very dynamic musical instrument. Through evolution, the guitar has made its mark on the modern music scene. From crude instruments with many variations, the guitar has become a real and much-sought after instrument.

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